Third Party Manufacturers for Capsules

Third Party Manufacturers for Capsules :

Third Party Manufacturers for Capsules – Third party manufacturers  is one the  rapidly  growing online directory for pharmaceutical companies  in India ,Chandigarh, Punjab, baddi, Parwanoo, Nalagarh, Gujarat  for capsules ,All companies are offering  manufacturing service of best quality at an affordable prices, We always try to  increase the  quality and standards of  pharma manufacturing  services . Also our company makes sure that products and service provide by contract manufacturing companies for capsules must be of good quality, best management of storage, and delivery as per specification.

Top Third Party Manufacturers for Capsules

We are one of the reputed third party manufacturers online portal, Third Party Manufacturers for Capsules , Tablets, infusions, ointments, sachets ,protein powders, Syrups, Dry syrup & Dry Injections, etc., along with wide range of specialty range, we ensure  that the drugs used by company for manufacturing of medicines must be checked by specialist in pharmacy .

Third party manufacturers made its image as a trustworthy, genuine, cooperative third party pharma manufacturing directory in India. We are offering genuine opportunity to those who are looking for Third Party Manufacturers for Capsules services in India, Chandigarh, Punjab, Haryana, Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh. Our third party manufacturing pharma companies prepared pharmaceutical capsules on the basis of WHO and GMP standard norms along with DCGI approval. Here are some capsules compositions we are offering:

Capsule Acebrophylline   100 Mg Capsules manufactures
Capsule Calcium Dobesilate 500Mg Capsules manufactures
Capsule Clindamycin 300 Mg Capsules manufactures
Capsule Diclofenac sodium 100Mg SR + Rabeprazole Sodium 20Mg Capsules manufactures
Capsule Diclofenac sodium 100Mg SR+  Eperisone Hydrochloride 150Mg SR Capsules manufactures
Capsule Doxycycline 100Mg + Lactic Acid Bacillus 5 Billion spores Capsules manufactures
Capsule Doxycycline Hcl 100Mg Capsules manufactures
Capsule Doxycycline Hyclate 100 Mg Capsules manufactures
Capsule Esomeprazole 40 Mg +  Domeperidone 30 Mg SR Capsules manufactures
Capsule Fluconazole  200Mg Capsules manufactures
Capsule Fluconazole 100Mg Capsules manufactures
Capsule Flunarizine Di Hydrochloride 10Mg Capsules manufactures
Capsule Indomethacin 75Mg SR Capsules manufactures
Capsule Itraconazole  100 Mg Capsules manufactures
Capsule Mecobalamin 1500Mcg + Alpha Lipoic Acid 100Mg +  Benfothiamine 15Mg +
Vitamin B6 3Mg + Calcium Pantothenate 25Mg +  Folic Acid 1.5Mg +
Zinc oxide 22.5Mg + Chromium picolinate 65 Mcg +  Inositol 10 Mcg +
Lutein  5 Mg Capsules manufactures
Capsule Mecobalamine 1500 Mcg +  Alpha Lipoic Acid100Mg +  Inositol 100Mg +
Folic Acid1.5Mg + Chromium Polynicotinate 65 Mcg +
Selenium Dioxide  55 Mcg + Benfotiamine50Mg Capsules manufactures
Capsule Methylcobalamin 1500Mcg + Alpha Lipoic Acid  100Mg +Vitamin B6 3Mg +
Folic Acid  1.5Mg + Benfotiamin 50Mg + Biotin 5Mg +
Chromium Picolinate 200Mcg Capsules manufactures
Capsule Methylcobalamin 1500Mcg + Calcium 200Mg + Calcitrol  0.25Mcg +
Folic Acid 1.5Mg + Pyridoxine 3Mg Capsules manufactures
Capsule Methylcobalamin 750Mcg +  Pregabalin 75Mg + Vitamin B6 1.5Mg +
Folic acid 0.75Mg + Benfothiamine 7.5Mg Capsules manufactures
Capsule Methylcobalamine  1500Mcg + Alpha Lipoic Acid  200Mg + Benfotiamine 50Mg +  Vitamin B6  3Mg + Biotin 5Mg + Folic acid 1.5Mg Capsules manufactures
Capsule Methylcobalamine  750 Mcg + Alpha liopoic acid 100 Mg +
Benfothiamine 7.5Mg + Vitamin B6 1.5Mg + Calcium pantothenate 25 Mg +  Nicotinamide50 Mg +  Folic acid 0.75Mg Capsules manufactures
Capsule Methylcobalamine 1500Mcg + Alpha lipoic acid 100Mg + Inositol  100Mg +
Folic acid  1.5Mg + Chromium Polynicotinate  200Mcg +
Selenium Dioxide  55Mcg + Benfotiamine 150Mg Capsules manufactures
Capsule Methylcobalamine 750Mcg + Pregabalin 150Mg + Vitamin B6 1.5Mg +
Folic acid  0.75Mg + Benfothiamine 7.5Mg Capsules manufactures
Capsule Omeperazole  20Mg Capsules manufactures
Capsule Omeperazole 20Mg + Domperidone 10Mg Capsules manufactures
Capsule Orlistat 120Mg Capsules manufactures
Capsule Oxaceprol 200Mg Capsules manufactures
Capsule Pantoprazole 40Mg  + Domperidone 30 Mg SR Capsules manufactures
Capsule Pantoprazole Sodium  40Mg + Levosulpride  SR 75Mg Capsules manufactures
Capsule Pregabalin 150Mg + Methylcobalamin 750Mcg + Alpha lipoic acid 100Mg +
Pyridoxine 3Mg + Folic acid 1.5Mg Capsules manufactures
Capsule Pregabalin 75Mg +  Methylcobalamin 750Mcg + Alpha lipoic acid 100Mg +Pyridoxine 3.0Mg +  Folic acid 1.5Mg Capsules manufactures
Capsule Pregabalin 75Mg + Methylcobalamin 750Mg Capsules manufactures
Capsule Rabeprazole  20Mg + Itopride   150 Mg SR Capsules manufactures
Capsule Rabeprazole 20 Mg+ Levosulpride 75 Mg SR Capsules manufactures
Capsule Rabeprazole 20Mg + Domperidone 30Mg SR Capsules manufactures
Capsule Satranidazole  300Mg + Ofloxacin200Mg Capsules manufactures
Capsule Silodosin  4Mg Capsules manufactures
Capsule Silodosin  8Mg Capsules manufactures
Capsule Silodosin 2Mg Capsules manufactures
Capsule Tacrolimus 1Mg Capsules manufactures
Capsule Tramadol  50Mg Capsules manufactures
Capsule Tramadol 100Mg Capsules manufactures
Capsule Ursodeoxycholic Acid  450Mg SR Capsules manufactures
Capsule Mecobalamin 500 Mcg + Pyridoxine Hcl  3 Mg + Niacinamide  50 Mg +Chromium Picolinate 200 Mcg + Folic acid  1 Mg +Zinc 15 Mg + L- Arginine hcl 13.28 Mg + L- histidine hcl monohydrate   3.71 Mg + L-isoleucine  5.9 Mg + L- leucine  18.3 Mg + L- lysine hcl  25 Mg + L-methionine  9.2 Mg + Phenylalanine  5 Mg + L-threonine  4.2 Mg + Tryptophan  5 Mg + L- Valine 6.7 Mg + L-alanine 11.9 Mg Capsules manufactures
Capsule Methylcobalamin  1500 Mcg +  Alpha Lipoic Acid  100 Mg + Benfotiamine 100 Mg + Pyridoxine HCL  3 Mg +  Folic Acid 1.5 Mg Capsules manufactures
Capsule Ferrous Fumarate eq. to elemental Iron 50 Mg + Folic Acid  1500 Mcg Capsules manufactures
Capsule Carbonyl iron 50 Mg + Adenosylcobalamine  500 Mcg + Folic acid 5 Mg Capsules manufactures
Capsule (PreBiotic & ProBiotic ) LactobacilIus Acidophilus UBLA- 34  2.0 billion cfu + Lactobacillus rhamnosus UBLR-58  2.0 billion cfu +  Lactobacillus reuteri UBLR – 87 2.0 billion cfu +Lactobacillus planarum UBLP-40 1.0 billion cfu + Lactobacillus casei UBLC-42  1.0 billion cfu + Lactobacillus fermentum UBLF-31 1.0 billion cfu + Bifidobacterium bibendum UBBB-55 1.0 billion cfu  + Fructooligosaccharides 100 Mg Capsules manufactures
Capsule Ferrous fumarate   300 Mg + Folic  Acid   0.75 Mg + Pyridoxine HCL 1.5 Mg + Cyanocobalamin 7.5 Mcg + Zinc sulphate  7.5 Mg Capsules manufactures
Capsule (PreBiotic & ProBiotic ) Lactobacilluse Acidophillus  0.48 billion +  lactobacillus Rhamnosus   0.48 billion + Bifidobacterium longum  0.48 billion + Streptococcus Thermophilus   0.48 billion + Saccharomyces Boulardi  0.10 billion + FructooligoSaccharides   300 Mg Capsules manufactures
Capsule Ferrous Fumerate Eq. to elemental Iron  98.6 Mg  + Cyanocobalamin 15 Mcg  + Folic Acid  1.5 Mg Capsules manufactures
Capsule Indomethacin 25 Mg + Paracetamol  325 Mg Capsules manufactures
Capsule Zinc Sulphate Monohydrate 61.80 Mg eq. to Elemental Zinc 22.50 Mg +Ascorbic Acid 150  Mg + Niacinamide 50 Mg + Thiamine Mono Nitrate 10 Mg + Riboflavine 10 Mg + Calcium Pantothenate 10 Mg
+ Pyridoxine Hcl 3 Mg +  Folic Acid 1.5 Mg + Cyanocobalamin 10 Mcg Capsules manufactures
Capsule Atorvastatin10Mg +Aspirin75Mg Capsules manufactures
Capsule Rosuvastatin 10 Mg. + Aspirin 75 Mg Capsules manufactures
Capsule Rosuvastatin 10 Mg. + Aspirin 150 Mg Capsules manufactures
Capsule Doxycycline  100MG & Lactic Acid Bacillus 5 BILLION SPORE Capsules manufactures
Capsule Diacerin 50MG capsules manufactures
Capsule Omeprazole 20MG & Domperidone  30MG capsule manufactures
Capsule Fluconazole 200MG capsules manufactures
Capsule Fluconazole 100MG capsules manufactures
Capsule Diclofenac sodium 50mg &  Thiocolchicoside 4mg  Capsules manufactures
Capsule Gabapentin 300mg caps manufactures
Capsule Gabapentin 400mg caps   manufactures
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